Funding For Female Entrepreneurship

Funding for female entrepreneurship is regulated by Law 215 of 1992. The objective of the 215/92 to support all women who wish to attempt to establish themselves in the field of entrepreneurship rebalance a situation, the Italian one, in which they are historically disadvantaged compared to male colleagues. These are non-repayable grants disbursed through annual calls for tenders expiring on December 31st and outcome by the following April 30th. The amounts payable are not fixed but vary according to the region and the type of project presented. There are many subsidized sectors, the majority of business activities are covered.


Who can access funding for female entrepreneurship



The main requirement for such loans is the proportion of women in the companies that intend to use them. In fact they can access it:
– people and cooperatives, in which at least 60% of the members are women
– more than 66% of capital companies are women, both in the division of ownership quotas and in the composition of administrative bodies
– individual female businesses.
Other specific cases fall under the law.



Intended use of funding for female entrepreneurship


The funds obtained through financing can be used for start-up activities of new companies or for projects to improve existing companies.
In the first case belongs the actual start-up or the detection of pre-existing activities, with spese all the expenses related to the construction of the plants, the purchase of machinery and equipment and intangible assets such as software, patents, obtaining licenses.
In the case of pre-existing activities the use of the funds may be in technological and process innovation, organizational, research of new markets in which to operate. 

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