Consolidating and Refinancing Loans

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Loan consolidation or refinancing pays off in case of unfavorable installment terms for old loans. We will merge loans of various types in an unlimited number, up to CZK 800,000. Thanks to lower interest rates it is possible to save thousands of crowns a month. What are the conditions for approval of the application and with what advantages does we offer consolidation and refinancing?

Bank and non-bank loans , credit cards and overdrafts can be merged or refinanced with us . The application can be submitted online from the comfort of your home and, once approved, have the money immediately on your account. One of the advantages of refinancing and consolidating loans is the large variability – the client himself can change the amount of installments and set other parameters that will positively affect future payments. All this is free of charge .

What requirements must an applicant for consolidation or refinancing loans have to meet?

  • age min. 18 years
  • favorable credit history
  • sufficient income

We will merge loans to clients of other banks, so it is not necessary to open a bank account with us .

Refinancing and consolidating loans – basic parameters

  • Consolidation amount: CZK 20,000 to CZK 800,000
  • Maximum number of consolidated loans: unlimited
  • Need to prove income: yes
  • Checking the Debtors Register: yes
  • Settlement, maintenance or early repayment fee: free
  • Maturity: 12 to 120 months
  • APR: from 5.9%

Consolidation and refinancing loan is completely free of charge. You can also reduce, increase, or postpone payments for free. The interest rate starts at 4.9% .

Why does consolidate?

Why does consolidate?

We merger offers loans with a number of benefits, including unlimited consolidated debts amounting to 800 000 CZK, payment protection insurance, the option to defer payments or free credit repaid early. Thanks to refinancing and merging loans, you can save several thousand crowns a month and possibly also borrow extra money .


  • possibility to change the amount of installments during repayment
  • no fees
  • consolidation maturity can be postponed for up to 3 months
  • repayment insurance


  • the need to demonstrate a regular and sufficiently high income
  • very low approval of applications (around 20%)

The low acceptability of applications is related to the need to document an adequate income and demonstrate a positive credit history, which is commonplace for both large and smaller banking companies.

Payment capability insurance

Payment capability insurance

Bank offers loan consolidation with the option of arranging insurance in the event that for some reason it is not possible to repay the loan. The insurance is available in three variants, which differ in insurance risks:

  • Variant For health: incapacity for work, permanent disability, death
  • Option For work: loss of income, permanent disability, death
  • Option For everything: incapacity for work, loss of income, permanent disability, death

In case of loss of employment or long-term illness, the insurance company will pay the loan for up to one year, in case of disability or death, it will pay the whole.

The client pays 6.6% of the monthly loan repayment monthly for the Pro Health and For Work insurance option, while 8.8% of the monthly loan repayment is paid for the option For Everything.

Loan Consolidation – Calculator

Loan Consolidation - Calculator

Whether the refinancing or loan consolidation is worthwhile can be calculated in advance on a simple loan consolidation calculator – the calculator is available on the company’s website .

Example consolidation of loans without insurance: For a loan of CZK 220,000 with maturity of two years, interest rate of 6.9%, APR 7.12% and monthly payment of CZK 9840, the client will pay CZK 236,160.

Request for merger or refinancing loan

Request for merger or refinancing loan

Applying for refinancing or consolidating loans is easy and fast online. The bank will then assess the application and prepare a contract if the applicant meets all the conditions. After signing the contract, the money will be sent to the bank account immediately.

The documents required to submit an application vary depending on whether it is an existing client or not. Our clients need a personal identity card (2 IDs for foreigners).

Who is not a client will also need a receipt and a statement of account or tax return for the last period. Seniors also demonstrate the decision to grant a pension and the last bill slip or account statement.

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